Check out these photos of Mexico by French travel photographer Bernard Plusso at The Atlantic Cities. Beautiful!

Ayer, hoy y siempre…Ávalos

On October 11, 2013, I received the following email from Rosa María Parra Trevizo extending an invitation to the presentation of a book about Ávalos. If you are in the Chihuahua area tomorrow October 15, 2013, please stop by and support this wonderful book about Ávalos.

“Le escribo para hacerle una extensa invitación de la presentación del libro de Ávalos (Ayer, hoy y siempre… Ávalos) que será el día martes 15 de octubre de 2013, A LAS 10:00 horas, en el Auditorio del Centro de Educación y Capacitación Ambiental, ubicado en la Antigua Planta Fundidora Ávalos..

Le adjunto invitación por lo que le agradeceré de antemano si pudiera publicarla en su blog para la gente interesada en la historia de esta Fundidora.”

Invitación Libro Ávalos Chica Frente

The El Paso/Juarez skyline near the University of Texas at El Paso will never be the same. Watch this video of the stacks falling down:

Different Views of ASARCO demolition via El Paso Times

All photos below by Silvia and Jose Contreras of El Paso, Texas.





It’s been a while

Hi everyone,

It seems life has been busy for me and I’ve been unable to spend time working on the blog. A third cousin of mine in Illinois contacted my Aunt Catina Wilson Shupe to get in touch with me. She shared some photos that her great-grandmother, Catherine Morris Watson received from her brother and my great-grandfather, William James Morris. These photos include my grandmother Catherine Morris and her sister Julia Morris. If you recognize any of the young children, please let me know.

I hope you all are well!¡Hasta luego!





Jarabi Tap A Tia

Bill and Marilyn Lust, 1935

My thanks to Marilyn Lust Johnson for this photo which shows Marilyn and her brother Bill about to do the Jarabi Tap A Tia in Chihuahua around 1935.

From Marilyn: “My Dad’s name is listed here. Thank You. I am finding this bit of history fascinating. My Dad and Mom are Bertha and Harold W. Lust, Bill Lust lives in Tyler, Tex and I Marilyn Lust Johnson live in Burlington, Wis. Of course, both, Mom and Dad are gone. It has been so many years. We lived in Chihuahua from about 1930-1935 at which time we moved to San Louis, Potosi until 1940 at which time we were transfered to El Paso.”

Reunion Update

From my Aunt, Catina Wilson Shupe, who is involved in the planning of the Avalos reunion: “After careful consideration, we found it so very difficult to arrange everything for the reunion in September, and decided to put it off until next year, date unknown at the moment, but we felt it would give us more time to plan, arrange, and (save a bit of money) for the reunion.”

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a note below.


Avalos Reunion Update

We are in the preliminary talks of having an Avalos reunion in El Paso. Two dates have been suggested, September 1 & 2, 2012 (Labor Day weekend) and Sept 15 & 16 2012. Both are weekends and the planning committee would like to see how many people would be interested in attending. Also, please offer suggestions for activities you would be interested in having.

As the time is short for planning, we need responses as soon as possible so we can begin the process of renting facilities, looking into caterers, computing costs, notifying attendees, etc.

I know some of you did not live there, but we welcome anyone who had parents or family members who were involved in ASARCO, Avalos. Please join us!

Contact cathyshupe@att.net.


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