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Catina, Flossy and David

Catina, Flossy and David

My daughter asked me to write a few lines about my life growing up in Avalos, Chihuahua.

My name is Florence “Flossy” Wilson Delgado and I was born in El Paso, Texas in 1938. Two weeks after my birth, my mother, Catherine Morris Wilson and my sister Catherine “Catina” Wilson Shupe and I were on our way to Chihuahua.

We lived in Avalos, Chihuahua, Mexico for several years. My older sister and I both went to school at the Colony. The school had two rooms.  Grades first through third in one and grades fourth through sixth in the other. My sister is four years older than I so she finished earlier than I. The Company hired American teachers. There was Miss Smith, Miss Harbon and Miss Osborn.

Besides the school, the company provided our home and the number of my home was #21. We had two hospitals, one for the workers and one for the Mexican and American supervisors. The doctors in our hospital were Dr. Calvetti and Dr. Humberto Gutierrez and they both lived in the colony. We had a company post office and a large swimming pool where we all learned how to swim. In the summer, we spent many hours in the pool.

When my mother was a young woman, she was a life guard and taught kindergarten.  She played the piano and many instruments.

The Company built a clubhouse right outside of the Colony. This is where we had big celebrations and dances and it also had a bowling alley and pool tables. The parents formed teams and we also bowled. What fun we had!

We celebrated all American holidays and a few Mexican holidays such as the 16th of September, the 4th of July, Easter, and Halloween. On the 4th of July, our parents would get up early and start preparing the big celebration. At dawn the mariaches would arrive and start playing music. We all would get up and prepare for the races, swimming, baseball games and other games the parents would come up with. Our parents would save egg shells for Easter and put them in large tubs. The night before Easter our parents would go out and hide all of them.  The next morning we would get up early and get all dressed up and meet in the middle garden and some one would say “get set and go”. We were all off to look for the eggs. The eggs were filled with confetti and we
all would break them over each others heads.  For Halloween our parents would set up a haunted house and scare us all, then we would go house-to-house  trick or treating.  We had twenty eight houses in the Colony and we went to each one.  Our parents were also having a good time and partied as much as we did. We would go into town for all the dances.

Thanks to each and everyone from the Colony that made my life so very happy and special.