From El Heraldo de Chihuahua an article about the establishment of La Fundición de Ávalos in 1905. In the article, several people are mentioned that were involved in the development of the smelter:

  • Chihuahua Governor, Enrique Creel
  • Henry R. Simpson, ASARCO
  • General Luis Terrazas, Avalos landowner
  • William Morse, Vice-president, ASARCO
  • H. Icles, Manager, ASARCO
  • S. Austin, Division Superintendent, ASARCO
  • Juan Terrazas, son of General Terrazas
  • General George B. Squares, Manager, ASARCO
  • John R. Enlau, Superintendent, ASARCO
  • Walter Lelevier, Technical Dept. Head, ASARCO
  • Perfecto Peña, Police Commissioner
  • Governor Abraham Gonzalez
  • In Spanish: De agreste cerro a gran fundición

    In English (translated by Google): From rugged mountain high smelting

    De agreste cerro a gran fun...