I’m in the process of identifying the homes within the Colony and buildings around the smelter. If you have information you’d like to add or I’ve labeled something incorrectly, please let me know!

The Colony

The Colony

My Aunt Catina (Wilson Shupe) sent me the following description:

“The Club was outside the gate in front of the General Office, before the curve to the Colony. Once inside the Colony, our house #21 was the second house from the gate. In the front across the street was my Aunt Marcelle’s (Roche) house but that house faced the street, where we got the side view of the house.

I think I see the middle garden. It was a good size and in the middle of the garden was the tennis court. Going down toward our house was the flower garden and the grassy part which faced the houses. The upper part of the middle garden was grassy and a small part with trimmed bushes, then more grass. There was a giant tree on the left cover facing toward the hotel.

As I remember:

  • Casa # 1: Marcelle and John Roche
  • Casa # 2: Tom Razor
  • Casa # 3: Angel Alvarado
  • Duplex: My grandparents for a bit, Dorothy Bradford and her husband (can’t remember his name).
  • Duplex: Pancho Bremer and Mariquita
  • Casa # 6: General Manager’s house, Hardies, Collins
  • Casa # 7: Duplex
  • Casa # 8: Duplex, Zangwill
  • Casa # 9: Harbin who taught at the school. Later, Zangwill.

Between the houses was a paved walk (which was great for skating) leading to the pool.

  • Hotel: Run by Mrs. Quintanilla
  • Apartments

Going down the street:

  • Casa # 10: Collins
  • Casa # 11: Dr. Calvete
  • Casa # 12: Jack Austin
  • Casa # 14: The Bremer’s
  • Casa # 15: McDonald’s
  • Casa # 16: Seaver’s

Between these two houses was a walk to the school house, passing a row of garages.

  • Casa # 17: Doty
  • Casa # 18: Leasure
  • Casa # 19: Bradford’s
  • Casa # 20: Avilas, Calvetes
  • Casa # 21: Morris, Wilson
  • Casa # 22: Doran, Young, McIntosh

The back colony:

  • Casa # 23: Cordova, Spoon
  • Casa # 24: Fruit
  • Casa # 25: Quintanilla


  • Casa # 26: Navarro

School at the end of the road. In front of Casa #26:

  • Casa # 27: Seaver


  • Casa # 28: Avila
  • Casa # 29: Llamas
  • Casa # 30: Santa Cruz

The main Colony is oval-shaped, with the hotel at the top, the gardens in the middle.

The back Colony was directly behind our house. Between the hotel and Casa #10 was the gate to the “Mill Colony”.

There are five houses facing toward the meadow and one house all lonely by itself surrounded by a chain link fence. I ran away once to this house.

In the Mill Colony:

  • Casa # 31: Cox (top of the houses)
  • Casa # 32: Lowenberg
  • Casa # 33: Wilhelmi
  • Casa # 34: Wildman (Survived being in prison camp in Phillipines. One daughter was born there.)
  • Casa # 35: Carol and Roger Cohen

These are the names of people I remember. The number 36 sticks in my head as the number of houses in the Colony, including the one from the electric plant.

  • Casa # 36: Frink (Coky’s cousin, and Lydia Avila’s brother)

The pool was straight up the back road coming in the gate.

There was the main road around the houses, the back road, where I learned to drive. You could drive all the way around the fence. You had to walk (not drive) into the Mill Colony from the big Colony.”

If you see anything that is labeled incorrectly or can help me with proper labels, please leave a comment below. Click on the photo for a larger version. Thank you!

Avalos Smelter

Avalos Smelter