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My cousin, Catherine Austin Thomas, sent me a lovely write-up about her parents, John Fuller Austin, Jr. and Nellie Wilson.

John Fuller Austin Jr

John Fuller Austin, Jr.

She begins, “My father was born in 1896 in Murray, Utah while his father was working at the smelter there. His father, a Yale grad, had sense to have the doctor sign a letter so stating because Utah had not yet become a state! After moving to Everett, WA for a few years he moved with his mother and father to Monterrey, Mexico – Fundicion #3– an AS&RCO refinery. While there, his mother found that she loved a Mr. Brown who worked in the office! After the divorce, Grandfather went back to Connecticut and married a childhood sweetheart! She was the wonderful Grandmother that I knew. Dad had tutors and then went to Peacock Military School in San Antonio. Later he went to prep school at Kent in Connecticut. Kent is still an excellent school and our granddaughter is now going there! Her home is in New York City. From there Dad went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. Then he returned to Mexico where he would spend the rest of his working career—36 years with AS&RCO.”

Nellie Wilson Austin

Nellie Wilson Austin

“Mother was born in Cordova, Veracruz, Mexico. Her father had come to Mexico along with all of his family from Durham, England. William Wilson met Catherine Decker who had come for a visit in Mexico City from her home in Luxembourg. They were married and then moved to Monterrey where he worked for AS&RCO. Mom was five years younger than my father but they knew each other as children because Grandfather Austin stayed in Mexico until after the Revolution was well under way. The trains and shipments of ore were badly affected by the fighting. My mother studied to be a bilingual secretary in Mexico City. She never worked for AS&RCO. She worked in Mexico City. Her father died in 1927 and at that time Grandmother Wilson began working for the company running the small hotel and furnishing all the food to the hospital. She became well known for the food she prepared and all the expatriates in Mexico knew her. I would say that she cooked in many languages! From her time in Europe she could cook French and German foods, because of her English husband, she could cook English dishes and of course from her time in Mexico she could cook Mexican dishes. All the while knowing how to please the American palates. In all of these cuisines she excelled. In other words, Grandmother Wilson was the best cook I have ever known, by far!”

“Dad and Mother were married in Laredo, TX in 1922. Dad had come from school to work in Matehuala and had transferred to Monterrey. My sister Grace was born in Monterrey in 1924. Several years later he was transferred to San Luis Potosi where i was born in 1927. My brother, John Fuller Austin III, was born there also in 1931. Soon after his arrival we moved to Chihuahua where he remained happily until 1960. My parents retired to live in Dallas to be near my sister and my brother.”