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My thanks to Humberto (Tito) Gutierrez for the following excerpt from his story, Odds and Ends, which provides a glimpse into the childhood of his mother, Carolina Olivares de Herrera.

“Carolina was married in Chihuahua City, Mexico, when she twenty-two years old. She wed Dr. Humberto Gutierrez Elias, a prominent doctor. In a strange twist of fate, Carolina and Humberto lived for ten years in Avalos, Chihuahua, where the American Smelting and Refining Company operated a plant. Dr. Gutierrez was employed as a physician for this plant. Back in 1865, when he was thirty-six years old, General Luis Terrazas, Carolina’s great–grandfather, bought his first of many haciendas. It was named Rancho de Avalos which is the same property where Humberto and Carolina lived for ten years, and where Humberto was employed as the company’s physician. General Terrazas paid 4,200 pesos for this hacienda. It was strategically placed because the City of Chihuahua, which is just north, protected it from Indian invasions.”

“Carolina divorced in 1957, and moved to El Paso with her two children, Alicia Carolina (Nina) Gutierrrez Olivares, who now resides in Chihuahua City, and Jesus Humberto (Tito) Gutierrez Olivares, who lives in Pacifica, California. Carolina remarried in El Paso, Texas, the late Joseph (Joe) M. Herrera. She is deceased. She died on June twenty second, 2005 in El Paso, Texas.”

Tito also sent along two photos which include my mother, Flossy Wilson, Tito Gutierrez, Carlos Alvarado and Guillermo Santa Cruz. My mother said seeing these photos gave her goosebumps!

Flossy and Tito 1958

Flossy Wilson and Tito Gutierrez, 1958

Carlos Alvarado Flossy Wilson Guillermo SanataCruz

Carlos Alvarado, Flossy Wilson, Guillermo Santa Cruz