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More Colony photos from the Wildman family which include Horatio Wildman, Jr., Humberto (Tito) Gutierrez, Carolina Gutierrez, Carmen Wildman, Johnny Engleheart, Heather Seaver and caretaker Julieta. My thanks again to Yola (Wildman) Nugent and her husband, Al Nugent and Helen Wildman Bell for sharing these photos. They in turn thank the Gutierrez family for sharing their photos and for the opportunity to see their friends from long ago.

Horatio Wildman, Jr. and possibly Johnny Engleheart at Easter

Featuring, The Cowboy, Horatio Wildman, Jr., with friends

At left, Heather Seaver, Horatio Wildman, Jr. and caretaker, Julieta

From left to right: Horatio Wildman, Jr. and Tito Gutierrez

Carolina Gutierrez and Carmen Wildman with Tito Gutierrez and baby Horatio Wildman