Dear Family and Friends,

I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for visiting this little blog.

When I started the blog back on March 27, 2009, I had no thoughts in mind as to where this would lead. My family had a wonderful collection of company documents, family photos and video. That along with the stories shared by my mother, aunt, grandmother and cousin about Ávalos, recalled a memorable time filled with laughter, love and a yearning to go back and visit.

As I look through the blog, seeing the faces and reading the stories of so many people who lived in Ávalos, I am happy that this blog now exists so the story of life at La Fundición de Ávalos in Chihuahua, Mexico can be shared. For whether it was a life lived in the Colony or Las Cuadras, it is memories that help hold onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

My thanks to Gabriel Díaz-Montemayor for sharing his Ávalos photos, old and new. My thanks to artist Eduardo Uranga who grew up in the Colony and who has transformed from memory and photos, beautiful scenes from the Colony in watercolor. Special thanks to the Wildman family and Tito Gutierrez for sharing their family photos.

I’d especially like to thank my mom, Flossy Wilson Delgado, for listening to me and putting up with all my questions about Ávalos. My thanks to my dear Aunt Catina Wilson Shupe for sharing her photos and memories. Un abrazo to my cousin, Catherine Austin Thomas, whose friendship I treasure. She has become a big part of this journey by sharing her story and photos as well as encouraging me to continue with the blog. My thanks to my husband, David, who has patiently watched as I’ve spent many evenings researching and blogging. Finally, my thanks to all who have commented, shared and visited the blog.

I look forward to discovering more about smelter life in Ávalos. Prospero Año Nuevo!