An Avalos remembrance by Margarita Bradford Melville.

“My Dad, Andrew Bradford and my Mom, Lola Bradford moved to Chihuahua in 1935. My Dad was an electrical engineer and he took charge of the electrical component at the plant. We lived in Chihuahua for two years. We moved to the colony in 1937, when I was in third grade.”

“We moved to one of the duplexes near the hotel, that’s where I got my bike for my 9th birthday–it was my faithful companion until I was 19! After two years there we moved to #19. Our closest neighbors were the Leasures, the Wilsons, and Dr. Calvete and his family.”

“The Roches lived across the street from us. We lived there until 1958 when my Dad left to work for the Celulosa in Anahuac. I had left home by then, Lolita was working in El Paso, Andy had moved to Fort Worth and the U.S. Air Force and Charlie and Alan were in high school in Kansas. My three brothers were all born while we lived in Chihuahua/Avalos. Many happy memories!”