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“The worker’s colony at Chihuahua is an example of how the Company has contributed to communal life. The 1,500 workers live in a neat and orderly compound with well-kept streets. Most of the houses have gardens which give a flash of color to the desert countryside. Clean domiciles inspire the people with the feeling of self-respect and pride in their environment. An industrial school affords both boys and men an opportunity to advance themselves in their work, while a kindergarten starts the children on the right track.” From Metal Magic: The Story of the American Smelting and Refining Company by Isaac F. Marcosson, 1949.

The Colony hotel was home to many visitors and residents of the Colony. ASARCO management, teachers, employees and visitors from far and wide stayed at the hotel. For a time, Mrs. Quintanilla managed the hotel. Do you have stories about the hotel and the people who worked and lived there?

My thanks to my aunt Catina Wilson, for the photo and my mom, Flossy Wilson, for bringing it to me! I love this photo. What an idyllic place to live.

Avalos Colony Hotel