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My thanks to Octavio Díaz for sharing these photos taken when Octavio and his family moved to the Colony in 1960. He attended the Smelter School in 1961 and 1962 with Mrs. Morlett and Ms. Nichols. He believes these photos were taken  outside the quinta 28 where he lived at the time and the rest  near the school. It was some sort of festival or a play. Octavio was 5.

Unknown, Chacha Ávila, Octavio Díaz, unknown, Linda Rudkin y Yolanda Alvarado. One of the unknown girls might be Lisa Dougdale (spelling?).

Jorge Alvarado, unknown, Octavio Díaz, Linda Rudkin, Chacha Ávila, Rodolfo (Fito) and Yolanda Alvarado

Linda Rudkin, Octavio Díaz, Yolanda and Rodolfo (Fito) Alvarado