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The Ávalos Colony pool looked to be a central meeting place for families and friends throughout the existence of the Colony. Before the time of my family video in 1939, through the 1950’s, to the 1970’s and even at the 1994 Ávalos reunion (a year after the plant closed), so many employees, their families and friends enjoyed this beautifully maintained pool.

Do you have memories or photos you’d like to share?

From the Wilson Family video taken in 1939, you’ll see our cousins Grace and Catherine Austin, my grandmother Catherine (Katie) Morris Wilson, my great-aunt Julia Morris (swimming), my mother Florence Wilson and her sister Catina Wilson. I’m not sure who the men are in the video. If anyone can help identify them, that would be great!

A photo from the 1950’s that includes my mother Florence Wilson and friends including Chaya Avila, Lolita Bradford and Estela Avila.

Bathing Beauties in Chihuahua 1950's

A photo from the 1950’s that includes Raul Avila and Chaya Avila.

The photo below is courtesy of Octavio Díaz, who lived in the Colony from 1960-1980. His father, Gabriel Díaz Posadas, worked at Ávalos from 1947 until his retirement as General Manager in 1980.

The Colony Pool in the mid-1970's

Finally, here is a previous post of the Colony pool from the 1994 reunion.