My thanks to Octavio Díaz for sharing these photos from his youth in the Colony. The first three photos were taken by his father. Here are some of his memories from that time.

In the first photo is Blanca Nieves, who lived with her uncle and aunt at the Molino section of the Colonia. Rosy’s family lived also in the Molino section but at that time it was integrated to the rest of the Colony when the brick fence (barda) was demolished in that part of the Colony. All were taken in the garden across the street in front of quinta 11 where I lived, and next to the tennis court. Circa 1971.

I was reading in the blog and saw some of the videos you posted, about the 4th of
July competitions, some of them at the pool, and the dance at the Club in the
evening. It was pretty much the same in the early 60’s as in the 40’s and 50’s.

Also the Easter Sunday with the hidden eggs full of confetti and the prize
eggs of chocolate; and then the Halloween trick or treat with plenty of candy
for us; the arrival of Santa Claus at the Club in Christmas; the open house on
New Year’s at the Hotel or at the general managers house (Quinta 6). I also
participated in shows prepared by the smelter school that took place at the
Club. Those were great times for all of us. Thanks for the memories.


Blanca Nieves Jurado 1971

Rosy Faivre and Blanca Nieves 1971

Eduardo Uranga, Blanca Nieves, Octavio Díaz and Rosy Faivre, 1971

In the photo below from left to right: Yolanda Alvarado, Cecilia Enríquez, Paty de la Vega, Octavio Díaz, Arturo and Laura Bremer (standing), Marta and Rodolfo (standing) Alvarado and Jorge Uranga.

At the Club for Blanca Gámez wedding, around 1970