In the book, The Amazing Tale of Mr. Herbert and His Fabulous Alpine Cowboys Baseball Club written by DJ Stout, he makes mention of a baseball game played in 1946 in the city of Chihuahua between the Alpine, Texas Cowboys and the Ávalos or Smelter Club baseball team.

Mr. Stout writes, “In August 1946, the Cowboys and more than 70 supporters from Alpine…drove south to Chihuahua City for a three-game series. The Northern Mexican metropolis met the Alpine contingency with much fanfare. The series had been heavily promoted in Chihuahua City, and the Cowboys learned that they had been the first all-Anglo team to play a tournament there. On the first morning, the Alpine group was taken on a sightseeing tour, and that night they were treated to a festive dinner and dance. The Cowboys didn’t end up winning the tournament, but the whole experience of the trip was unforgettable. ”

He continues, “The Cowboys won the first game of the Chihuahua series 4-3, and Mr. Herbert threw out the ceremonial first ball in the second game. Alpine won that game handily 9-0, which set them up for the championship game. In the Alpine Avalanche Cas Edwards described the scene: “Before the larges crowd of the series, the Cowboys faced the Avalos, or Smelter Club, Sunday afternoon, for the third and last game.”

“Dressed in beautiful costumes, the queens of the Chihuahua clubs were there to meet Mrs. Babe Crawford, who was the queen of the Alpine Cowboys. With camera shutters clicking and the band playing, they marched across the baseball field with numerous attendants in a ceremony of joy and goodwill, in which the queen of the Alpine Cowboys was presented with a beautiful engraved baseball trophy in honor of our visit to their city. After that our queen threw the first ball across home plate and the game was on.”