I started this blog almost three years ago with no plan in mind but a desire to share the story of my family and their lives in Ávalos.

This past year I’ve seriously been thinking about creating a self-published book about the people who worked at the Ávalos smelter, lived in Ávalos, raised their families in Ávalos and created a memorable and wonderful life there. So many of you have families like mine, who lived there for generations. Ávalos was etched in the heart of my grandmother and remains so for my mother, my aunt and my cousins. I’ve heard from so many people who share the common experience that Ávalos was special and truly unforgettable.

My current thinking (and I am very much open to any suggestions you have), is to give a brief historical overview of Ávalos. The heart of the book would be the photos and memories of those who lived there. It would be published in Spanish and English.

My question to you, dear friends of Ávalos, would you like to participate and share your story? Please e-mail me or comment below.

My best to you all.
Liz Marquez