1939 Chihuahua plant document stating that my grandfather, grandmother and aunt were Mexican citizens.


June 1939 appliance invoice  for my grandparents home (#21) in Avalos, Chihuahua.

Appliances to Avalos

1933 letter of employment at La Fundicion de Avalos for my grandfather, Renie Wilson.

1933 Letter of Employment at ASARCO Avalos

1933 Letter of Employment at ASARCO Avalos

Letter concerning re-entry of foreign residents into Mexico written by J. K. Hardy, Manager of Chihuahua Plant on July 22, 1940.

Travel letter to ASARCO employees.

Travel letter to ASARCO employees.

Wedding wishes card for my grandparents, Renie and Catherine Wilson, which lists many of the people my grandfather and great-grandfather worked with at the Avalos plant.

Renie and Catherine Wilson Wedding Wishes Card

Renie and Catherine Wilson Wedding Wishes Card

Letter to the American Consul on behalf of Renie Wilson.  It’s good to hear that my grandfather had no communistic tendencies!

Letter to the American Consul on behalf of Renie Wilson

Letter to the American Consul on behalf of Renie Wilson

1941 letter of employment for my grandfather, Renie Wilson.

Letter of reference for Renie Wilson (no date)


15 thoughts on “Documents”

  1. Any chance you have information on the Pancho Villa ordered attack on ASARCO employees while they were on a train going through Santa Isabel, Chihuahua –January 1916?

    Thank you,

    • Pablo López Aguirre nació en el poblado de el Charco Chihuahua en el año de 1889, que se ubica como a treinta kilómetros aproximadamente de la ciudad de Chihuahua, siendo muy joven se unió a Francisco Villa en San Andrés Chihuahua al iniciar la Revolución Mexicana, junto con sus hermanos Martín y Atenógenes López Aguirre, por su valor y valentía formó parte de los Dorados de Villa y fue ascendido a General siendo muy joven.
      En un tiempo estuvo prisionero en el año 1912 pero se fugó. En 10 de enero de 1916 en compañía de los Generales Julio Pérez y Rafael Armendariz a la altura del Rancho “La Tapia” descarrilaron el tren de pasajeros que iba de Chihuahua a Cusihuiriachi en donde viajaban diecinueve ingenieros americanos quienes llevaban monedas de oro para pagar a los mineros, a los que robaron el oro y fusilaron uno por uno, excepto a dos que lograron escapar

      • EL CORREO DE CHIHUAHUA Enero de 1916

        “Asaltado el tren en Santa Isabel, son pasados por las armas diecisiete ingenieros de minas, norteamericanos. Uno de los sobrevivientes asegura haber reconocido en la horda atacante al mismo Pancho Villa… otros aseguran que Pablo López fue quien dirigió el funesto asalto”.

  2. Hi Laura:

    I think I have some newspaper accounts of the attack. I’ll post what I have soon.


    • Hi Liz,
      Like Laura, I would also be interested in any information on the Pancho Villa ordered attack on ASARCO employees while they were on a train going through Santa Isabel, Chihuahua –January 1916. Were you able to find those newspaper accounts?

      Thank you,

  3. Manuel Chavez said:

    Dear Liz, My name is Manuel Chavez, I have been a resident of El Paso, Tx. since 1967, when I married my wife a resident of Avalos Chihuhua at that time,
    we were married at San Jose de Avalos Church, and never had the chance to obtain the marriage certificate.
    Now we need to have it, and I was hoping you might have information on where to look for it, maybe a e-mail address for the church and their records department, or anything that might help me, Thank you for any help you can provide. M. Chavez

  4. Sal Samaniego said:

    My name is Sal Samaniego and I would like to find some information on my Grandfather, Jesse W. Robinson, who worked at the ASARCO plant close to Chihuahua, MX. He married a Mexican citizen and had five children, one of which was my mother, Mabel. They fled around 1911-1912 by train to Juarez. My grandfather was taken off the train by Villistas and not allowed to proceed with his family. Thank you, Sal Samaniego

  5. Marilyn Jean Lust Johnson said:

    My Dad’s name is listed here. Thank You. I am finding this bit of history fascinating. My Dad and Mom are Bertha and Harold W. Lust, Bill Lust lives in Tyler, Tex and I Marilyn Lust Johnson live in Burlington, Wis. Of course, both, Mom and Dad are gone. It has been so many years. We lived in Chihuahua from about 1930-1935 at which time we moved to San Louis, Potosi until 1940 at which time we were transfered to El Paso. I sent one photo of my family in San Louis I don’t know if it was received I hope so. Am trying to send another out. They are from my iphone. I don’t know what luck I’ll have. Am going thru things Might find a bit of history Marilyn Lust Johnson

  6. My name is Elizabeth Garcia, my grandfather was a worker in the as arch plant, his name was Gabriel tovar Sesma, if anyone should have any pictures we would appreciate it.

  7. hello, que fecha se construyo el mercado de avalos?

  8. Elizabeth Venegas Balandrán said:

    hola mi nombre es Elizabeth y soy nieta de el Sr. José Balandán, casado con Angela Chacón. Él trabajó en la planta de avalos hasta 1970 si más no recuerdo, alguien sabe de él? tienen foto? o de la familia Balandrán, gracias.

  9. Elizabeth Venegas Balandrán said:


  10. Theresa Carrera Guevara said:

    Hello, my name is Theresa Carrera Guevara, I am looking for information on my father, Francisco Carrera and my uncle Manuel Falcon. I was told my dad arrived in Avalos in
    the 1930 and that he had work on safety equipment for the workers. I don’t read Spanish
    but I believe you have written a book? I’d like the title please. Thank you

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