Pool at a Colony
Does anyone know where this was taken? We’ve determined that it is not the Avalos Colony pool or the Monterrey Colony pool.


Mina la Aurora Xichú
Fred Wilhelmi, who was married to my great-aunt Julia Morris Lewis, sent this photo and letter to my grandparents in 1946 from the Aurora Xichú mine in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí.


colony picture_Aurora_Xichu_mine_pic

colony card text_Aurora_Xichu_mine

Unknown smelter. Within this photo, there is an arrow pointing to the man on the far right and the word “me”.  I’m not sure where this photo was taken or who “me” is.


The Smelter at San Luis Potosí. On the back of this photo it says “Al Sr. Wilson. Con un recuerdo de sus dos amigos. A 3 de Dc. 1935. E. Chavez.” It was printed by La Optica de San Luis Potosí.



1 thought on “Other”

  1. Larry Harris said:

    Hello, my name is Larry Harris, and my late father was Charles “Chick” Harris, who grew up in Chihuahua City in the 1920s and 30s along with his brothers Jack, Bobby, and Bill. My grandfather Charles (he was also nicknamed Chick) Harris, was an engineer at the smelting plant.

    I have a number of my dad’s photos from that time that I would be happy to share.

    Larry Harris
    Houston TX

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